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BLOCK super face sneak snacker

posted Jun 9, 2010, 7:41 PM by Steve Craig
I'm super excited about my friend's new website at ; but perhaps you don't share quite my level of enthusiasm.  Perhaps, for someone, this dislike is specifically localized around seeing my application autoposter status messages all up in their feed.

If that were the case (although, honestly, I can't see how my smashrun messages would fall into the level of farm ville or shark face attack status excrement this most likely doesn't apply)  I'd be happy to show you how to disable just those application messages, while also preventing the application from ever gaining any information about you in the future.

Please note that - although this message is ostensibly about my friend's supercool friendly nike plus run statistics website - the general principals of how to BLOCK facebook applications would also work for fraggle attack or super face sneak snacker or bedazzled or any other app you dislike.

Find the application page on facebook.  Just use the search box and type in the name of the application that is all up in your grill.  If you're currently looking at a status message from the application, click on the app name at the bottom of the status message.  This will also bring you to the application page.  In the upper-left hand corner, under the application graphic, is a link "Block Application".  Once click the link and choose "Block Application Name" in the confirmation pop-up box, there will be no way for the application to communicate with you.  That means that it will disappear from your facebook experience forever.

My smash run nike plus statistics page: