OWL2UML for Protege 4.0

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Protege 4.0 is an excellect tool for creating, editing, and publishing sematic relationships.  Unfortunately, it is not very good at visualizing those relationships.

Luckily, a gentleman from the University of Latvia wrote an excellent Protege 4.0 plugin, OWL2UML, which displays not only the classes but also the datatype and object properties!  Most other current visualization tools do not display these property relationships.

Current best practices for creating OWL documents with Protege state that using "auto ID" is the preferred method for creating "Entity URIs" so that if you exchange ontologies, merge ontologies, or make other edits, the URI will stay constant but the "label" can be easily updated.


This brings me to my only issue with the aforementioned - otherwise excellent - OWL2UML plugin:  it only displays the entity URI, and there is no way to have it render the classes and properties with their user-declared label instead.

This results in beautiful, automatic UML documents that contain meaningless auto-generated IDs, rather than the user-supplied label fields that I would rather display. I would greatly appreciate it if the author of the OWL2UML plugin added support to "display labels instead of entity URIs" to the plugin.

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