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As you may know - Oracle manages the virtual IP addresses attached to a RAC system.  The operating system has very little to do with the Oracle VIPs.

In some cases, it may be necessary to change the IP address of an oracle RAC that has already be installed.  If that happens, please follow these steps:

1. update DNS to reflect the new IP addresses

2. change the /etc/hosts files inside each RAC node with the information reflecting the new IP address information

3. run $CRS_HOME/bin/oifcfg getif to see the configured ethernet interfaces.  Make note of the "public" interface.

4. delete the old public interface "$CRS_HOME/bin/oifcfg delif -global $ethernet_interface"  (where $ethernet_interface is of the form "bond0" or "eth0" etc)

5. change the public interface to reflect the new information "$CRS_HOME/bin/oifcfg setif -global $ethernet_interface/$new_ip_network_address:public" (where $new_ip_network_address is the network address of the new VIP, of the form or etc)

6. check ORACLE's knowledge of the VIPs (this is the part that is not well documented!) using the srvctl command: "$CRS_HOME/bin/srvctl config nodeapps -n pdb001 -a -g -s -l"  This will display the VIP information for the first server.  Run the command for the other server as well to check the information.

7. now reconfig ORACLE.  You can run both commands on one server, but make sure you run both commands:

"srvctl modify nodeapps -n pdb001 -A $new_VIP_ip_address/$ethernet_interface"

"srvctl modify nodeapps -n pdb002 -A $new_VIP_ip_address/$ethernet_interface"

$new_VIP_ip_address is the new VIP that you wish to change to, of the form or etc
$ethernet_interface is the interface of the oracle "public" interface that you modified in step 4 above, of the form "bond0" or "eth0".

For those of you with advanced knowledge, PLEASE NOTE at this point:  do NOT attempt to add ":0" or some other notation at the end of $ethernet_interface to indicate an alias - Oracle will add that by itself.

8. If it is not a production server, reboot completely at this point to ensure that the VIP is properly configured and restarts correctly on startup. �

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